decision-making in the twenties, then and now

Welcome to Twentysomething, a blog about what it’s like to be young.  My name is Robin Marantz Henig, and I’m a long-time journalist, book author, and contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine. Along with my daughter, Samantha Henig, the web editor of The New York Times Magazine (yes, we’re both affiliated with the same publication, and we know it’s hard to believe but it’s actually a coincidence), I’ve just written a book called Twentysomething, coming out in the fall of 2012 from Hudson Street Press. This blog is an outgrowth of that book.

My goal here, as in the book, is to look at the similarities, and differences, between being young in the 1970s and being young today.  What’s up with the Generation Gap in 2012?


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